Around every corner waits a room with a unique atmosphere.  From quiet enclaves, private meeting rooms and secluded areas for confidential calls,  to buzzing social spaces such as the cocktail bar, dining area and cigar lounge.  Madison Rooms are designed to be a labyrinth of variety, with a room to suit every occasion and mood. What follows is a hint of what you can expect from each of these unique spaces.



"Step over here for a moment, would you? I want to let you in on a secret..." When it's time for one of those chats that call for a dash of privacy, then it's time to repair to The Sessionals. Mum's the word. No questions asked. Strictly between these four walls. Quiet please, the meeting is in session.




Is it the den of deals, the den of discussions or the den of diversions? Whichever way you look at it, The Den is a distinctively vocal environment; gather any group together in The Den and there's nothing that can't be talked through and resolved. In the worlds of Confucius "don't get your knickers in a twist – just gather round and have a good old chat about it."



A BAR! Well who'd have thought it!? Yes, while conventional choices send a shiver down our spine, it was never in much doubt that the bar would be a critical component of Madison Rooms. We see fine drinks as the oil in the engine of constructive communication. That's why The Bar itself is not the centre of attention, but quietly unobtrusive, giving more space for the beautiful people to connect and confer.



Feel like lounging with a cigar? We may be going out on a limb with this one, perhaps the room you're looking for is the Cigar Lounge. Put simply, it's a lounge in which one can lounge while smoking a cigar. The ultimate in comfort and exclusivity, and in close proximity to the bar, the Cigar Lounge literally screams; come in here and have a good lounge. With a cigar.


"What the heck – let's have a decadent outside area that we'll call "The Deck". Our initial conversation certainly went something like this. The result: an outside area in which you can stretch your legs, catch a breath of fresh air and conduct one of those telephone conversations like Al Pacino in 'The Insider' involving much dramatic tension and theatrical hand gestures.



You know that bit in Superman when he goes into the revolving doors dressed as Clark Kent, swivels around a few hundred times, and then flies out as superman? Well, that's bit like the feeling you'll get from a visit to The Refresh Room. Except you're less likely to come out dressed in lycra.



Shhhh. Quiet please. Actually, there is no rule of silence in our library; though this room, in which the air particles hang heavy with the weight of intellect, is intended as a somewhat more subdued area. It's a place where the mind can roam free, thinking deep, existentially significant thoughts while pondering the words of ancient philosophers and rhetoricians. Equally, you might just pop in here for a quick after-dinner nap.



While work is, indeed, a four letter word, so too is play. And since Madison Rooms is something of a second home for those who love what they do, you could argue that our work area is the most playful area in the building. It's where laptops open and ideas spring to life; where emails are crafted with such poetry and precision that even a quick missive on the subject of 'best practice' vis-a-vis bi-annual profit and loss reporting would give pause to the Nobel Laureate selection committee.



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